How to choose the best Viroki bike rack for you?

At Viroki, we offer a range of uniquely designed metal and wooden bike wall mounts, but how to choose the best one for your beloved bike? 

 These are points you should consider:


  • The handlebar length: most of our bike racks are suitable for handlebars up to 60cm. If yours is longer than this we advise you to consider the Teixo XL model, available in Acacia or Oak. This bike back is suitable for handlebars up to 70 cm. 


  • Indoors or outdoors: If you are going to hang the bike rack outdoors, we recommend the Teiko models. They are metallic and powder-coated, a paint finishing that is very resistant to weathering conditions. You can also lock your bike to the bike rack.


  • The bike weight: Our bike storage products can support up to 20 kg. If your bike is on the heavier side, we suggest you consider the sturdier models, such as the SaltaNeuquénVaco and Teixo XL.


  • The space where it will be placed: Especially if it is a narrow corridor, for example. If this is your case, we recommend that you consider the Floki, Teiko or Teixo models, each with a depth of 34 cm. These also have a minimalist design suitable for small rooms.


And as always, feel free to reach out with any questions or comments regarding the installation process or any given bike rack’s features.




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